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Gator Tales #164: Gator Roundtable (MBK, FB, T&F, BB) and T&F’s Grant Holloway

Florida Gators
Published on 14 Mar 2019 / In

Dan Mullen made regaining the “Gator Standard” a key part of his mandate when he came back to Gainesville, and this week we saw a number of other teams answer that call in their own ways. For baseball, it was a wild 20-7 thrashing of Florida State. And for track & field, it was yet another national championship. Now the buck passes to basketball, with all eyes on the Gators in the SEC Tournament as they fight to keep their postseason hopes afloat. On today’s show, host Adam Schick discusses basketball’s path to March Madness (1:50), the start of spring football (10:54), Trenton Brown’s record NFL deal (15:17), the NCAA indoor track & field title (17:39), baseball’s flex against the Seminoles (19:47) and the worst contracts in sports history (23:00) with FloridaGators.com senior writers Chris Harry and Scott Carter. Then, Adam chats with record-smashing track star Grant Holloway about his remarkable contributions to their latest team title and what he plans to do next (27:27). Please subscribe and leave a review if you like what you hear and for more information, visit FloridaGators.com/GatorTales.

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